By J.Lennon |  May 2, 2017

Congratulations to our Pastor and to our church for 30+ years of faithful service. Our celebration begins with the weekend of May 19-21, 2017. Friday will be a Concert of Prayer service at 7:00PM, Saturday will be the Awards Celebration Banquet at Sir Walter Raliegh Inn in Greenbelt, MD at 4:00PM, and Sunday will be  the Worship service and Luncheon beginning at 10:00AM. Reservations are required for the Banquet and we would also like to know if you plan to attend the luncheon.

We want to honor all who have been touched by Calvary and who have passed through our doors. A free gift will be given to the first 50 people in attendance of the Banquet or Worship service. We hope you will join us for one or all of the events. We would love to thank you in person. We could not have made it without you! We look forward to giving you a hug and thanking you.